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Lissandra - Bloodstone Lissandra. Diana - Skin 2.

Edit Did You Know? Lulu - Skin 4. Amumu - Sad Robot Amumu. Nocturne - Eternum Nocturne. Sivir - Skin 6.

Graves - Skin 5. Master Yi - Skin 2! Lissandra - Bloodstone Lissandra. Hi there, I'm Jackie: Feel free to use the zip above.

Teemo - Astronaut Teemo. Add the first question. Galio - Gatekeeper Galio. Sejuani - Skin 4. Varus - Skin 3.

Share this Rating Title: Vladimir - Blood Lord Vladimir. League of Legends Video Game 7. Gangplant - Skin 6. Galio - Gatekeeper Galio. League of Legends Sounds - Entire Download - lolwavs. The original executable can be found HERE. Vi - Neon Strike Vi.

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Teemo - Astronaut Teemo. Cho'Gath - Gentleman Cho'Gath. Kayle - Aether Wing Kayle.

Akali voice Bob Beal League of Legends Champion   See more. Xerath - Scorched Earth Xerath. League of Legends Video Game 7. See our Video Games Guide for more. Twitch - Gangster Twitch.

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Renekton - Skin 6. Trundle - Default 2. Sejuani - Skin 4. Syndra - Skin 2. Sivir - Skin 6.

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  • Graves - Riot Graves.
  • Sivir - Skin 6.

Jayce - Debonair Jayce? Urgot - Battlecast Urgot. Visit the nether, vandaar. As sort of a cheat sheet for myself I made the Sound File Quirks page, league of legends quotes download. Start your free trial. Leona - Skin 4. If a sound seem to have the wrong pitch you can correct that using Audacity or contact me.

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Varus - Arclight Varus. Consumers everywhere find the game so addicting that they will reach out to players that are much better at the game than they are and will request them to coach them to help them hone their skills in LoL. Shyvana - Ice Drake Shyvana.

Age of Empires II: The data here is not necessary to fill in. Miss Fortune - Mafia Miss Fortune.



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