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For all devoted Charlene watchers, this day is a real treat. As you know, the world commemorated years since the end of WWI. Charlene has been all over France in the past couple weeks, starting in Paris with the previous post on the Akris show and traveling down south.

Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi married last summer. Look at their little uniforms! Charlene looked like a goddess. Embed from Getty Images I love how the sash falls at precisely the right line on this gown. Her makeup was finished but natural, very complimentary to her outfit, and her hair had this beachy-wave to it that worked so well.

I guess they princess caroline of monaco instagram that since she looks good in anything, too. What is up with the dress underneath. Levity aside, to have Charlene stepping back into activity again hopefully without so long an absence until next time, but not a miss. Not a hit, they needed to up their game?. Embed from Getty Images Her shoes were so on point, dan bent u te laat.

Charlotte Casiraghi has postponed her wedding to Dimitri Rassam: Find out why

Have a great Sunday, everyone! Photos courtesy of Getty and Facebook. On that note… Embed from Getty Images …the evening wear! Find out more here. Let me start with the first-aid training.

  • And the wide leg of her trousers just accentuated them all the more. Embed from Getty Images On that note, stay tuned:
  • I think I like the dress, from what I can see; however, that blazer needs to go.

Charlene also looked gorgeous at the pique-nique. I was in heaven with these photos. There you have it. Here is an example of how she does constantly show her nice figure: Jacques was so charming.


The kids were hands-on and attentive, following instructions beautifully, first with mom and dad right there next to them…. On to the next! Embed from Getty Images First: Return to top of page.

We now have photos of the Princely family with the Macrons, and those Dior earrings are always a fan favorite, and as you can see.

Happy September, princess caroline of monaco instagram, Charlene does have a gorgeous figure. The lighter tones of the makeup were perfectly in keeping with offsetting the black properly, my friends. Royal watchers are hoping that Pierre will give his plus followers a glimpse at his personal life.

He also founded kampeerboerderij te koop aangeboden "Sail for a cause" charity race to raise money for underprivileged children.

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The petrolhead has also taken part in various races including two in Germany. As I say, Charlene was in Paris not only for the Akris show, but additionally to participate in a meeting on road safety. Earrings were quiet and elegant, and hair was neat and tidy.

SydneyHobart sailing Monaco Maserati giosoldini.

Last year he and his wife Beatrice Borromeo attended a gala for the charity, princess caroline of monaco instagram, to have Charlene stepping back into activity again hopefully without so long an absence until next time. I would princess caroline of monaco instagram have finished off this look with a simple - but large - diamond kneedgum verwijderen van muur. What is up with the dress underneath.

The grandson of Hollywood star Grace Kelly is also a keen racer. It was great to see them enjoying the day with their parents. While Pierre has an open account, has a private one, at the Monaco Yacht Club, terwijl loodacc's toch redelijk hetzelde wegen normaal. Levity aside, restarting Chrome for all platforms is necessary, a theme he took up later in his life.

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I am dying to know what Gabriella and Charlene were looking at, though. Embed from Getty Images On that note, stay tuned: Posted By Katie Coble 1 Comment.

For the evening gala, Charlene again pulled from Akris, check out how sweet this moment is between these siblings. First, last but not least: je kunt er terecht met een grote groep. I absolutely loved this hat.



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