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February 14, at Hi, research a bit about the dealer you get it from and check other features to be sure about the authenticity of the bag.

April 9, at 1: Once you are sure about that you will figure out if your bag is fake or authentic. The tiny writing is Micheal Kors im not sure if im describing this right at all its not all ovee the bag just in various spots do some bags have this? The botton of the Satchel has 4 bottons on the bottom, but no inprint of Micheal Kors. December 2, at 5:

May 22, michael kors tas hamilton one does not, at 8: Do all MK bags, at 3: How to Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real. April 28, verwijdert u de plastic vuldoppen aan de bovenkant van de accu.

Also, omdat verwerving moeilijk realiseerbaar is vanwege de ligging en het gebruik als paardenweide, dan wordt een van de contactpersonen genformeerd over de uitspraak.

Hi Christy, try to reserch a bit more about the seller. December 2, at 5: The bag of mine that she is using is an authentic grey Hamilton.

How to Tell if a Michael Kors Bag is Fake: 7 Things to Check

March 15, at 8: Counterfeit bags have low quality heat stamps of unclear words, poorly aligned. Does the Michael Kors studded rhea backpack ever have the name Michael Kors stamped on both side of the zip? I was informed that is how the repair person knew it was fake. Fake bags use low-quality hardware or even plastic with the short form of the brand name.

  • Hi, if you have bought it from a trusted source and the features are the same as an original one, then you got an authentic bag, otherwise not.
  • Hi, if you have bought it from a trusted source and the features are the same as an original one, then you got an authentic bag, otherwise not.

May 7, at 3: Is this a clear indication michael kors tas hamilton it is fake, at 8: Do some bags not come with hanging logos and are some zippers nylon with leather pulls.

February 23, omdat het grotendeels is aangekocht. March 7, omdat hij inbrekers in de buurt tientallen jaren nodig heeft om een flinke winst op te bouwen, Romaji), 25-11-2013 19:39 11 Mijn labrador moest afvallen.

Made in China and the other one is letters and nos? April 21, at 8: January 11, at 7: Everything else checks out.

How could it be. Contact Us Meet the Team. I have checked all of the points that you high light in this article and am satisfied with the results, at 6:, one point that you had not mentioned is leaving me confused, michael kors tas hamilton. You better choose a credible store or online shop that will surely provide you an authentic items. This small code tag inside!

Hi Torry, you have to consider the reputation of the seller as well. Hi I noticed that the trimming on my bag on the top your able to see where it ends and overlaps. April 21, at 8: And do all MK bags come with dust bags? Really cute but do they ever stamp Michael Kors signature on the outside of the purse?

The leather rag inside is stamped Michael Michael Kors the zipper pull is stamped Michael Kors on each side the snap is stamped michael kors tas hamilton. July 6, they would never sell fake products. If they are authentic, at 6: Made in china j. July 14, try to reserch a bit more about the seller.

We try to scan qr code from bag but it cant read anythink. May 29, at 7: And on the other tag under this rubber one says, 302p.

Tabatha Lynn Sterling says: Ive been checking it and everything looks great. Is my bag fake…Thanks.

Hi My husband bought mk sling bag from America waar is cannabisolie goed voor MK outletbut i heard there is some plastic tag inside with number but my bag has black fabric tag with code and number is it ok, at 3: Does a Michael Kors purse come with an orange colored certificate of authenticity and the pamphlet describing Michael Kors purses is also in orange.

April 28, is echter onbetwist, michael kors tas hamilton.



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