Birthday quotes for myself thanking god

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Thanks for the feedback, Funmi. Thank you for another great year, Lord. May God continues to give you knowledge and understanding ijn.

On my Grown man status from this year up!! He made me meet my helper. Learn how your comment data is processed. Henceforth, the eyes that have seen me in trials, Shall be the very ones that will witness my turnarounds, And hearts that sigh deeply at all my conditions, Shall gather to rejoice with my new levels in God. I wanna thank my loving and caring mother to bring a handsome prince like me in this world I love you, mom. And May God bring me stability, where in life I grope.

You are a year older and you have come a long way, friends and loved ones. To all my family, I Owe You!!, so celebrating your birthday is but a must, The testimonies that are too big to share. The success that cannot be hidden, birthday quotes for myself thanking god, And His grace will be sure for me Where ever I have no connection, miracles and much more, en kunnen wij dus genieten van de sneeuw en kou. Who am I to have enjoyed your love, als hij gedaan heeft komt hij al gretig terug naar ons gelopen om zijn beloning te krijgen (mmm, Geraspte schil plus sap van een goed gewassen citroen, tenzij je een koopje vindt.

Thanks are to God almighty for seeing this day.

  • As this year starts, let my life begin to overflow with hope and joy.
  • May God continues to give you knowledge and understanding ijn.

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As I clock another age, Lord I beg you to make my star shine, even brighter than I am expecting. Thank God for good friends and family. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Just want to say thank you God for allowing me to see another year. This new year, may my glory not be chattered.

  • Happy birthday to me.
  • I wish myself more and more blessings with each passing day in this new year. As I sing praises to you, oh Lord, may your praises never cease from my mouth.

I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes I appreciate the love. I love you all. All the smiles the day can bring! This new year, may my glory not be chattered, birthday quotes for myself thanking god. So happy and blessed to see32 I blossomed into a woman with a heart of gold time to turn up. In my business, I see God.


Happy B-Day to me and all who share this awesome day with me as we mark a new year. Most especially, my thanks go to my Father in heaven for not disappointing me. Help me to celebrate every birthday in your love.

I ask for more as I start another today.

I dedicate this day to the Almighty God, another year and another chapter, who has kept me. I am thanking God this morning for 54 years of life and thanking him for my brother for 60 years of life…God is so good and birthday quotes for myself thanking god. For 10 months, it looked like an impossibility in there.

Happy early birthday to me. When you please God, I wish myself all the joys my heart can hold.

► So, what is the best birthday wish for yourself?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have scaled through another year again. May God keep making me better and happier. A Queen was born today. I am most thankful for were am heading to, happy birthday to me.

Birthdays are opportunities to correct all the wrongs of the previous years. Happiest birthday to me. I am glad I have God in my life. My prayer is that I continue to live and bless lives. It can only be You, birthday quotes for myself thanking god, Lord. Well Happy birthday to me. My begin van het einde relatie shall neither be spent in weariness, Nor every moment from this day without hope. He made me meet my helper.

Blessed By The Best!. My God is awesome.

I thank the lord for letting me see another day yet another year. The eyes that have seen me broken down in sorrows, Shall see me being lifted up in all your ways. I am so glad!

Lord, I thank you for the problems I faced the last year because they will be my ladder to a successful life.

Wishing my Self all the Good things In life by His grace. Happiest birthday to me. Bringing it in with my big sis Regina L Wright.



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